Tours and excursion

We can make your Srilankan tour as you wish,we over 15 years well experienced licensed tourist guides, according to their experience  They have a better knowledge about the country and its hidden gems.

Tailor made Srilankan round tours,wild life tours, can arrange for you.

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As a hub you are able to use the  thissamharama to visit famous Ell city and many hidden attractions

Udawalawe Safari and Udawalawe elephant orphanage

After one hour drive from the hotel you can reach to the Udawalawe national park from the hotel Udawalawe also one best park to see hundreds of elephants
As well as you can visit elephant orphanage ( how to feed little elephants)


Famouse Ella city just one and half hours drive from the Gaga bees resort, can trekking on little Adam’s peak, Ella gap,also our guest can visit Demodara nine arch bridge.
As well as can arrange to visit tea factory in Ella

Temple and water fall tour

We arrange this special tour for our guest , in this tour they can watch over thousands years old historical temples like Buduruwagala  and malign will temple with ancient ruins, then you can watch one of Srilankan highest water fall call diyaluma and beautiful Ravana water fall.
Thissamharama is an one of ancient city of srilanka, it has over 2500years proud history .
We are located on tissamaharama ,Sandagirigama village, surround of thousands acres of rice fields,thissamharama is a farming village , rice and curd are the main industries of here,also villagers plant tropical fruits and vegetables

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