The Resort

Gaga bees Yala is an eco friendly boutique resort located an edge of a  beautiful rice field our every chalets faces to the rice field and a mountain.
Beautiful out door swimming pool gives a great value addition to the resort, it has a jacuzzi bench too, when some one sit on the jacuzzi bench he or she-can enjoy the awesome view  of rice field and mountain,specially in evening they can enjoy the sun set with golden red color sky.
Gaga bees Yala resort is situated 3km away from the busy city instead of artificial vehicle sounds, our guest can enjoy the nature with listen to songs of birds,in fact they can sleep with sounds of. Crickets, and wake up with songs of birds.
Our every chalet has a private terrace with arm chairs, guest can have a cup of tea while their siting on arm chairs at their own terrace of the chalet.
We built our every chalets using natural eco friendly building materials,we applied natural mud layer for the wall,coconut leafs we have used to roofing  in our every chalets,and restaurant, this is traditional way people sed to live in srilanka,we didn’t  apply any artificial color or paint for our whole property,due to our nature friendly atmosphere we boast Gaga bees Yala is a health friendly breathing point,
We have laid pebbles for the wash room’s floor, those pebbles give a free foot massage for our guest, it’s really good human nerves  ,
Gaga bees Yala is a great gate way to Yala Safari ,if some one can start their Yala Safari tour from this type of nature resort instead of a concrete jungle guest enjoy their safari tour with a nature loving mind
It’s good for the relaxing.
According to our hundreds of client ,when they plan a tour to a country like srilanka, Specially they seek relaxation because they need to hide from their busy life at least for a while. Gaga bees Yala is  an ideal place for stress burning.

Social Responsibility

 We are directly and indirect support to the local community of Thissamharama ,we are purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from village farmers, we are buying fresh fish from village fisher mans, then fresh curd also, if our guest need a tuk tuk or taxi for their transportation  needs ,we are happy to arrange reliable village drivers and vehicles for them and we have good experience safari drives for Yala and Bundala , when we are help them they can earn some thing through us,it meant we contribute to our local community for a better life as we can,
Due to this type of Eco  friendly project we give a good encourage to people who make some thing,do it nature friendly, then our environment will be protect, from artificial things.